Tournament 2017 Groups

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The draw for the tournament has been made. We have 21 teams participating across 3 leagues. The topĀ 2 from each division will progress to the knockout plus 2 of the best runners up. The next best placed 8 teams will progress to the vase competition with the bottom 5 teams leaving the competition.

Group games will last 12 minutes, whilst knockout games 10 minutes.

As is always the case, if the scores remain tied during the knockout matches, we go straight to a 3 penalty sudden death shoot out following the old style A,B,A shootout system.

Group 1

Nottingham 1
Blaze 2
Leicester Helsinki
Yorkshire 3

Group 2

Bristol 1
Titans 1
Nottingham 1
Leicester Rainbow
Blaze 1
Yorkshire 1

Group 3

Leicester Dover
Spud FC
Bristol 2
Titans 2
National Grid
Trowbridge Tigers
Yorkshire 2